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nc offer to purchase and contract form 2 t 2021 pdf

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NOTE If alternative 2 applies then do not insert 0 N/A or leave blank. existing loan s secured by a deed of trust on the Property in accordance with the attached Loan Assumption Addendum. Page 1 of 5 STANDARD FORM 2-T Buyer Initials Seller Initials 5. PROPERTY DISCLOSURE Buyer has received a signed copy of the N.C. Residential Property Disclosure Statement prior to the signing of this Offer to Purchase and Contract. OFFER TO PURCHASE AND CONTRACT as Buyer hereby offers to purchase and as...
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. The property described below is known as a 'Lot Lot No. 1 of 300 South Main Street', located at 3051 Main Street in the City's Historic Downtown Development Area (the ????) and being ????(?‡‡‡)? by its ?‡‡‡‡ ?(?‡‡‡?); 2. This Lot Lot No. 1, together with all improvements of the property described therein and located on the same lot, is part of the 'The 'Pioneers'?'?'? Historic District, an Arts District with historical significance, that has been designated by the City of Houston as eligible for designation in the City Code. City of Houston Code Chapter 736A.??? ?Regional Arts & Cultural Arts ??? (???? ???????????) District. 3. With the written consent of Buyer, Buyer hereby grants ????? ??(???? ????????????????)? to Seller the exclusive right to exploit, utilize and make use of the Lot Lot Lot No. 1 as part of Seller's Property. 4. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller reserves the right to re-sell or otherwise dispose of the Lot Lot Lot No. 1 if it so chooses. 5. The above-noted Terms and Conditions do not constitute a sale under the Uniform Commercial Code and, in the event the above-noted Terms and Conditions are deemed void, the foregoing Terms and Conditions will be deemed to continue so as to reflect Seller's intent to offer the Lot Lot Lot No. 1 as part of Seller's Property subject to Seller's purchase price, the condition to the preceding Terms and Conditions. 6. Each Lot Lot No. 1 is on the Register of the City and County of Houston, the Lot Certificate of Title, if any, is attached to the same. The above- noted Conditions of Sale shall govern all transactions involving the Lot Lot Lot No. 1. Seller shall provide to Buyer a list of the Lot Lot Lots

Who needs a Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract?

Offer to Purchase is a document which is used as a formal appeal to the property seller asking for a purchase of the property. It should be completed by a private property’s potential buyer. This particular form designed by the North Carolina Association of Realtors to be used for real estate purchase in North Carolina not only as a usual offer but as the binding contract as well. Once this offer is signed by both parties, this Offer to Purchase shall become a binding contract.

What is Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract for?

This document certifies the seriousness of buyer's intentions and shows the amount and the procedure for payment that a buyer is willing to offer for the property. The same document establishes the period of validity of the proposal. The main part of this proposal serves the amount of collateral that the buyer gives to the seller if they accept the offer.

Is Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract accompanied by other forms?

No, this form does not require the support of other documents. This form may be a mandatory accompaniment of the final real estate purchase contract.

When is Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract due?

Duration of the proposal is specified in a separate line of the document. Failure to comply with the terms specified in the document will invalidate the offer.

How do I fill out Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract?

The following paragraphs should be filled out to complete Offer to Purchase:

  • Buyer’s personal information;
  • Special provisions if any;
  • Name of the broker which offered to buy the property;
  • Due period;
  • Additional terms and conditions if any;
  • Receipt of deposit.

Where do I send Form 2-T, Offer to purchase and contract?

Once completed and signed, the offer may be directed to the seller or broker handling the deal.

If the offer is signed by both parties, two copies of it should be kept by each party to the contract.

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